Bernoulli Center Workshop on Modern Trends in Combinatorial Optimization

July 25 – 29, 2022, EPFL, Bernoulli Center, Switzerland

The Bernoulli Center workshop “Modern Trends in Combinatorial Optimization” is a workshop organized at EPFL.
The workshop aims to encourage and strengthen collaborations between participants and merge their different expertises in the regimes of combinatorial optimization to obtain new and exciting results.
The workshop will host up to 32 participants, including both senior
and junior scientists. This workshop is part of the Bernoulli Center program on Modern Trends in Combinatorial Optimization.

How to register:

Due to facility capacity limitations, participation is by invitation only.

The deadline for registering is 07.05.2022.
There is no registration fee.

Local Organizers:

  • Friedrich Eisenbrand
  • Alexandra Lassota
  • Ola Svensson